This page lists available videos from past Heilborn Symposia. You may also be interested in videos of special events in the Department of Physics and Astronomy.



October 2016 Lecture - Dr. Andrea Ghez

Unveiling the Supermassive Black Hole at Center of our Galaxy


Our Galactic Center: A Laboratory for Exploring the Physics & Astrophysics of Black Holes


The Monster at the Heart of our Galaxy


Dr. Andrea Ghez

Professor of Physics & Astronomy, UCLA
Lauren B. Leichtman & Arthur E. Levine Chair in Astrophysics
Founder & Director of Galactic Center Group



April 2016 Lecture - Dr. David Wineland

Single-atom optical clocks


Atomic phase measurements beyond the standard quantum limit


Quantum computers and Schrödinger’s cat


Dr. David Wineland


2012 Nobel Prize Winner
National Institute of Standards and Technology
University of Colorado

2015 Lecture - Dr. Kostya Novoselov

Twist-Controlled Electronic Properties of van der Walls Heterostructures

Materials in the Flatland


Dr. Kostya Novoselov

2010 Nobel Prize Winner
Langworthy Professor
University of Manchester

2014 Lecture - Dr. Adam Riess

The Hubble Constant and Dark Energy

Dark Energy and the Accelerating Universe


Dr. Adam Riess

2011 Nobel Prize Winner
Thomas J. Barber Professor of Physics & Astronomy
Johns Hopkins University

2010 - Complexity in Nature

'Simplicity and Complexity'

Dr. Murray Gell-Mann

1969 Nobel Prize Winner
Distinguished Fellow at Sante Fe Institute
Professor Emeritus at Caltech


Dr. James Yorke

Professor of Matehmatics and Physics
University of Maryland

'Is the Solar System Stable'

Dr. Jacques Laskar

Director of Research CNRS
Paris Observatory

'Secular Instability: Organization of Planetary Systems and the Formation of Hot Jupiters'

Dr. Yoram Lithwick

Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Northwestern University

'Relativistic Chaos: Nonlinear Dynamics in Large Particle Accelerators'

Dr. Michael Syphers

Assistant Accelerator Divison Head
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

'Quantum Transport in a Random Fractal'

Dr. James Sauls

Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Northwestern University

2003 - Dr. Philip W. Anderson

'RVB, Plain Vanilla'

'More is Different'

1977 Nobel Prize Winner
Professor of Physics, Princeton University

2001 - Dr. James D. Bjorken

'The Future of Particle Physics'

'Topics in Hadron Physics'

'The Furture of Hadron Physics'

Director of SLAC (Stanford Linear Accelerator)
Professor of Physics, Stanford University