2014 Heilborn Lectures


Prof. Adam Riess


Recipient of the 2011 Nobel Prize

Thomas J. Barber Professor of Astronomy and Physics at Johns Hopkins University


April 23 & 25




The discovery that the Universe is expanding at an ever increasing rate, for which Prof. Riess was a recipient of the 2011 Nobel Prize, is considered the most important cosmological discovery of the decade.  It has given rise to one of the most challenging searches in physics, the search for Dark Matter. We are very fortunate to have one of discoverers to tell us about it.


In addition to the Nobel Prize, Prof. Riess has received numerous prizes and awards, including MacArthur prize, Einstein Medal, Shaw Prize, Gruber Prize, Townes Prize, and others. He is member of the National Academy of Sciences.













April 23

4:00 pm




April 25

4:00 pm


Ryan Auditorium